Sock of Vision


Estimated delivery time 1-3 working days

ABILITY POWER: +25% daydreaming.

Powered by cyclops hedgehogs – creatures often found in the dreams of visionaries. Due to a single eye, they have no distracting depth perception, allowing the mind to wander with ease.


Ööloom socks use ancient animal magic to give your feet very mild superpowers. Wear them to improve your sleeping, sneaking or pillow-fighting.
Each pair comes with a different power-up, so you can customise the abilities to your specific needs. Whether it’s optimising for deeper dreams or adding extra protection against leg-grabbing monsters, commonly found under most beds, as well as some larger sofas.

Care / Washing

Ööloom socks work hard for you, so they may get a little dirty in time. We suggest giving them a bath in a common washing machine. Much like you would with any regular sock. Unlike the sleeping masks, they are not fussy about the washing conditions.