Sleep protection via arcane animal magic

The average person sleeps about 200,000 hours during his or her lifetime – over 22 years in total. This is too much for sleep to be taken lightly!

Ööloom is an animal-friendly sleeping brand that uses the ancient power of wild animals, because unlike humans, animals have never had any trouble sleeping.

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Venture into the night-o-sphere

Ööloom is a character – a creature of the night. The friendly kind. He is well-versed in the art of sleep and a frequent guest in the night-o-sphere. A magical place of flabbergasting beauty, visible only to shut eyes. The night-o-sphere is mysterious, but never frightening – like a hedgehog in the fog.

Its rich soil provides the perfect conditions for growing wild ideas that put conventional logic to shame.

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Firm and warm like a lumberjack’s embrace

Life in the north is no breeze. We know how cold it can get during the winter. And summer, come to think of it. And if it’s not the cold bothering us, it’s the silky slithering blinding northern lights keeping us up at night. But we endure. Getting proper shut-eye is paramount to survival in these parts and the harsh environment has instilled in us the knowledge and power to master sleep.

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