Beach Poncho in Raspberry


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Multiple studies have shown that 100% of people have at some point in their lives been children. Ööloom cubs is based on the idea that safe, warm and comfy human cubs make for exquisite grown-ups. Let’s keep them coming.

Where and how to use

Kids are incredibly busy people. They simply don’t have time to get dressed. There is an incredible world out there, waiting to be explored. Immediately! Ööloom poncho is designed to be thrown onto your child as they’re running past you at 120 km/h on their way
to important expeditions – be it restoring the sandcastle battlements at the beach, teaching the stapler how to swim in the bathroom sink or measuring water-displacement in the big puddle behind the greenhouse. Ööloom poncho is is your best chance of getting your cub protected from the wind, the sun and the cold without slowing them down.


Made to keep you dry. French terry cotton has excellent moisture-wicking properties. The material can absorb up to 27 times its own weight in water and dries quickly! The soft cotton loops make you feel as comfy as rolling around inside a cloud. The stretch in the fabric provides a plenty freedom of movement for all kinds of buffoonery. The interlocking knit of fibers make it 4 times more durable than commonly used fabrics and it doesn’t shrink or deform even with multiple washes. The fabric used in making this garment is 100% organic, eligible for Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Organic French Terry
96% Cotton
4% Elastane


1. Catch child
2. Throw poncho over the head
3. Go “awww”
4. Hold back tears of joy
5. Release child into the wild