Ukrainian Nightingale


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How does a nightingale sleep

Nightingale is a nocturnal being. Small in stature but grand in spirit. Nightingale stays up when the rest of the world goes to sleep. Watching over our dreams and keeping the forces of darkness at bay. A nightingale does this with a tear in its eye and a song in its heart – a song of goodness and hope.


National Animal Of Ukraine

The nightingale is the national bird of Ukraine. It is a small passerine bird best known for its powerful and beautiful song.

The nightingale is commonly invoked in Ukrainian folk songs and folklore in the image of a creator of sweet sounds, a builder of homes, and a harbinger of spring.

100% of proceeds of the Nightingale mask will be donated to Estonian Refugee Council (Pagulasabi).


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Care / Washing

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Known side effects

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